'Fella not only delights us everyday, but he has become a way for us to communicate with the world and show you how Amazing Pigs are...'
'Fella not only delights us everyday, but he has become a way for us to communicate with the world and show you how Amazing Pigs are...'

Great to see yoU!

Hey! Welcome to The Amazing Fella!


Great to see you and thanks for checking me out! My name is Fella, I'm a pig who used to live on a Sausage farm in Essex. One cold and blustery day my Mum arrived and the farmer grabbed me and threw me into their arms. I was carried off and given an earring before a long car journey to my new forever home.


I was scared at first and didn't let mum near me for 6 weeks. I wasn't sure what was happening so I thought it best to eat some furniture, chew through wires and open kitchen cupboards until I'd sussed it out. Soon I realised that Mum just wanted to love and care for me and I started to feel the same about her too.


I started life in the house with my dog brothers but as our Pig family grew (see The FellaShip Sanctuary story above), Mum saw that I would be happier outside with my Sister and Brother. We have a barn with heating, a radio and regular fresh straw and Mum feeds us porridge every morning and Pig nuts in the evening. We get regular cuddles and I'm stil welcome in the house- I'm very well behaved and like to snuggle on the sofa. 


Yes I am house trained- I am a pig after all- that means i'm super clean and like to do my business as far from the house as possible (as do my brother and sister). Mum also takes me for walks on my harness and I follow her wherever she goes. As you can imagine- we get stopped a lot and get chatting to lots of you which we really enjoy.


You can see what I get up to on my Facebook and Twitter Page. Hope to see you soon!



Love, Fella x

'Be you, be amazing, be amazed and don't let anyone -ever-  make a sausage out of you'.    the amazing fella

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