'Fella not only delights us everyday, but he has become a way for us to communicate with the world and show you how Amazing Pigs are...'
'Fella not only delights us everyday, but he has become a way for us to communicate with the world and show you how Amazing Pigs are...'

The FellaShip Sanctuary

Welcome to the FellaShip Sanctuary! A small home Sanctuary which opened officially on Saturday 23rd May 2015 and was built on public donation alone. The Sanctuary was started by accident as I happened to stumble accross 4 pigs and  10 piglets on a closing down pig farm on a dog walk one day. I enquired about 'purchasing' the pigs and my world turned upside down from there. With your help, some newspaper and radio time and The Retreat Sanctuary in Kent, we removed all pigs from harm into the bosom of safety. Seven  were transported up to the Retreat Sanctuary in kjent to live in harmoney with lots of other species for the rest of their lives and the other 7 are living in the security and luxury of my back garden! We plan to develop and grow with funding onto more land where we can rescue more animals. This project is now complete but is just the beginning...<3

'Be you, be amazing, be amazed and don't let anyone -ever-  make a sausage out of you'.    the amazing fella

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